Travels 2010 ->

We had to go back to the Netherlands to have the defective crane replaced, and as we had limited holidays, not being retired yet, we chose to go on the Rhine.

ASLAUG herself is certified for the Rhine, but we do not have the required “Rheinpatent” (navigation permit) and therefore took the trip on the side of a large container ship (NORMA, 186m x 11.5m). It was an experience, and you feel very small ! The trip from Strasbourg to Werkendam took only 40h so we really did save time (a trip via the canals would have taken  3-4 weeks).

The trip back up the Rhine was rather scary due to the current and the wash from the ships coming towards us, especially the many reckless hotel ships.
In 2011, when we took another trip down the Rhine on the side of NORMA, we decided to go back on our own, on the canals.

In 2012 we retired and started our travels by visiting 3 boat lifts in
France and then scouted the Netherlands between stays with the carpenters and a shipyard.

In 2013 we visited Canal de Bourgogne, Paris, Canal de la Somme and Lorraine and finally went via the Meuse back to the NL again.

In 2014 we were in Benelux and the Picardie (Somme) and ended up in our winter harbour in Mulhouse.
From 2015 to 2018 we were on the beautiful Somme during summer and had ASLAUG moored in Mulhouse during winter.

In 2019 we were for a longer period in the Champagne region.
In 2020, with Corona lockdown and lack of water in many canals, we restricted our cruise to the Canal du Rhône au Rhin.

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