Travels 2006 - 2009

After the launching in 2006 in the Netherlands, we made a couple of trips on the river Maas and also participated in the DBA rally in Gorinchem.

Then came our “maiden trip” alone, on the Maas, which turned into a rather unpleasant experience due to various technical defects (a.o. we lost the rudder).

However, ASLAUG got repaired and we enjoyed some small trips on rivers and canals in the Netherlands prior to leaving the boat with skilled carpenters in Hardinxveld.


Our first big trip was the journey from the Netherlands to France via Maas/Meuse and Canal de l’Est (now called Canal de la Meuse). It included passing from sea level 0 m via 360 m in the water shed in the Vosges mountains, ending at 180 m in Bourgogne, a total of 955 km, 218 locks, 4 tunnels and several mobile bridges and aquaducts crossing rivers.


After 2 years in Bourgogne we left for Alsace, closer to where we lived in Switzerland at that time.

Hardinxveld to Maasbracht

      (on a flooded Maas)

     The “big trip”

Bourgogne to Alsace

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