Due to our professional lives (Kurt an electronic engineer, Bente a multi-language management assistant), we have an international background and now we continue to move around in Europe on board ASLAUG, while being residents in France.

When we lived in Denmark we renovated two old farmhouses and bred Aberdeen Angus cattle, Icelandic horses and dogs beside our full-time jobs in Copenhagen,
and we later used our good planning skills to build and fit out ASLAUG.

Retired in 2012 from our jobs in Switzerland, we now fully live out our interest in gastronomy, history and nature while underway.


We are members of DBA (The Barge Association),, and of ANPEI (Association Nationale des Plaisanciers en Eaux Intérieures), On both websites there is a wealth of information on barging and canals, many even available to non-members.

If, however, you are interested in specific information from us, e.g. fit-out details, you are welcome to send us an e-mail.



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